The IAGS Biennial meeting format is designed to honor Andreas Gruentzig’s philosophy and spirit and is unique, impactful and unlike any other:

  • We require full time, 4 day participation and promote the highest level of professional and intellectual connection
    • Over the last 3 decades this approach has proven to be optimal in advancing innovative ideas and defining future advances in cardiac and vascular medicine
  • We mandate engagement and open thinking regarding the challenges in our field
  • We provide an opportunity to participate with world leaders in discussions of their problems, brainstorm solutions, and continue conversations more casually during off-hours
  • Our international audience consists of physicians in the specialties of interventional cardiology / radiology, endovascular and cardiovascular surgery, regenerative medicine and neuroradiology
  • A snapshot of the detailed instructions provided to all of the participants at our 15th Biennial Meeting is included below
Meeting Format - 15th Biennial IAGS meeting_Image.png

Download (PDF): Meeting Format – 2019 Patagonia